A cura para o câncer

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I was amazed, in those early days of our journey, how many people knew of the "cure for cancer." Everyone, it seemed, was an expert and all you had to do was to eat this or take that. Herbs were excitingly wonderful with curative powers beyond belief. Supplemental vitamins were amazing and would cure everything from the common cold to cancer and everything in between - so the experts told us. As time went on, the burden of having to know everything became overwhelming. I fully appreciate why so many people do not undertake alternative healing, in their search for wellness. In those early days, we had a kitchen that bristled with bushes, leaves and bottles. Our cupboards groaned under the weight of stuff that would have made any health food shop look as if it were well stocked. Eventually, I reasoned that enough was enough and we cut back to a level over which I thought I had some control.

Some people just wanted to help at any cost, and they came forward with their own ideas of what to do, mixed with thoughts gained from experience or conversation with others or something that had been reported in the press (I hope to be able to talk of this at a later date). I remember going to dinner with a friend who had owned a nutritional supply company many years previously. "cancer!" He exclaimed when told, "well in that case, you have to do....." and he was off and running. His advice came thick and fast and non-stop throughout the entire meal until, in exasperation, I commanded him to cease and desist. "For pity's sake, stop talking about a cure for cancer!" I told him. "I'm sick and tired of bloody cancer! And I'm sick and tired of being told how to cure it about it." He was hurt and I was angry, but it cut the conversation off right there and then. And it was right there, on that wonderful sun-drenched veranda, that I decided to investigate the facts for myself, but I would do it in a reasonable and as scientific a way, as is possible for a layman to do.

Research Through Reading

I commenced reading. I enjoyed stories of survival, because those tales reassured me that what we sought, was possible. If someone else has done it, I reasoned, then we could do it. If it's been done, then it can be done again and if it has not been done, then someone has to be the first. Everything is possible. I found motivational books and read at every opportunity. I would repeat these stories to Donna, even as she slept, believing that, at some level, her mind was listening. Years before, I had found Louise Hay's books, and so I revisited her writings on a regular basis. They were (and are) easily read books, which are not too heavy in content and can be started from almost any page at any time. Even now, so many years later, I retreat to a comfortable chair with one of her books whenever I need comfort and reassurance.

In order to create some kind of basis for the healing journey, we decided to get guidance from people who had been there before us. Someone who had survived both diagnosis and prognosis. We had learned from many people, that meditation is involved in virtually all long-term cancer survival and so we wanted to learn how to meditate properly. We knew, too, that food is important so we needed to learn what to eat, and when to eat it and how to combine the different foods available and perhaps, as important as any other thing that we could do, we needed to associate with others who were on the same journey, looking for their own cure for cancer, so that we could draw from the communal strength and provide strength to our associates when they required it, because in doing so, we knew that someone, somewhere, would be there for us when we needed it too. We researched our options and decided to join a residential programme at the Gawler Foundation at Yarra Valley, in Victoria, Australia. I have mentioned Ian Gawler, the founder, previously and do so now, as a coincidence rather than anything else. We joined about forty other people for a ten-day live-in experience and there we learned in a most gentle way, about the foods that support a conflicted bodily system and foods that do not. We learned about the use of herbs and supplements from experts in those fields and, for me, the most important thing of all, we learned how to meditate from experts. I had already mediated for some time, but Bob Sharples and Ian Gawler taught me how to meditate.

Our Search To Find Our cure for cancer

And so our journey began. I was interested in researching liver cancer and quickly found that there is so much information on the subject of cancer. So much to learn. Too much really, and so I devised a rule, and I share that with you now, there are so many things, so many techniques, so many programmes throughout the world, that it is impossible to understand them all or to have a working knowledge of them all, so here's what we decided would work for us, if we heard of something, we would thank the people who told us, or thank the Universe for putting it in our way, and then move on, if we heard of it a second time, from a different source, we would notice it and thank the person or the Universe for sending it again, but if we heard it a third time, from yet another source, I would investigate it and investigate it as thoroughly as I possibly could. Now, you might have noticed, that I changed from we to I and there is a reason for that. The practical reason is that we had just one computer, but more importantly, Donna needed all of her strength in those early days, to maintain her healing. It was her job to concentrate on herself and to rest and recuperate and meditate when she could. There were times, of course, when she was able to do her own investigation, however, gradually that task fell to me. As the cancer support groups commenced, Donna became involved in that organisation. People wanted to speak to the survivor, to be with her and some, to hold her hand, to feel the real. To reassure themselves that it is possible, this survival thing. One person has done it.....

Beware The Weak Spirit

Being the survivor was exhausting for her and this is a good point to remember for you too. I believe that we each have a spirit, some might equate such a spirit with the description of soul, others describe it as presence. No matter how the word spirit is rationalised, I believe that spirit is a finite resource and quickly goes from a positive resonance to negative when not nourished through kindness and unconditional, positive regard for our selves, our fellow travellers, our world and our universe. Now these are cornerstones of life, and are life long strivings to perfect. Some believe that they are the reasons for our existence, whatever you may believe, I think they present us with areas of opportunity. Opportunities to learn? Certainly. Opportunities to grow? Undoubtedly all of these things, but also opportunities to show that we can be fully human in the true sense of the word. Sometimes, we come across another, who has not embraced their opportunities and whose spirit is lacking and those people innately identify another, whose spirit is more complete and they are driven to be with those people. Unconsciously attracted to one whose spirit is stronger. Like a sponge, they quickly take spiritual nourishment, leaving the once strong person, weaker, physically, mentally and psychologically. These weaker spirited people will drain you, if you are not prepared. We have all had the experience, I am sure, that when we have spent time in the company of some people, we my feel that they "have sucked the life out of me" - do you recognise this? That is a weaker spirit, recognising and taking the opportunity to gain sustenance from a stronger spirit. You must be aware of these instances on your healing journey and take precautions to not over-expose yourself. I have mentioned previously, to be aware of who you are around. Get around the right people, as the saying goes, because it is by being around the people you wish to emulate and who are like minded in their thinking, that you will be supported.

A final word about finding the cure for cancer

We have touched on a few of the beginning lessons for the healing journey. The basics we need to address. I shall attempt to expand on many ideas in future entries. These are my ideas based on our experiences and in no way reflect everything that is available. Research is a wonderful thing and today, the internet is a vast and impressive tool - beware of accepting available information on face value. I believe that no one can supply you with the cure for cancer. No oncologist, no naturopath, no surgeon. No one can cure you - except for yourself. We are our own healers, however, sometimes we need assistance to find the way. I have come to the opinion that it is what we put into our head that is the cure for cancer. What we put into our mouth, what we breathe, what we see hear and what we do. I still do not know how the order of importance sits, perhaps it is food, perhaps nutrition or herbs. I believe that the single most important thing that we can do is to gain psychological power. He who thinks he is lost, is lost. Nobody wins a race, without first seeing themselves breasting the tape in front of the field.

John is a published author, trained in Counselling, NLP, clinical Hypnosis and EFT with more than fifteen years in assisting people with cancer and their carers. John has facilitated both residential and day programmes, including cancer support groups during those years.

He has a blog at http://cancercauseandeffect.com/ where downloadable copies of "cancer Cause And Effect" may be purchased with the free E Book, "A Journey With cancer - Donna's Story" and Michael Masani's introduction to meditation "Meditation Made Easy."

Visit http://cancercauseandeffect.com/ today and claim your copies!

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Conquistando seu medo de agulhas antes para tratamento de câncer

Um medo de agulhas é ruim o suficiente, o melhor dos tempos, mas geralmente são maneiras de evitar ser esfaqueado por uma agulha para a maioria dos tratamentos. O problema é, agulhas são muitas vezes a melhor maneira de conseguir algo em seu corpo na posição exacta que eles precisam ser para ser o mais eficiente possível. Isso vale para partes do tratamento do câncer. Então, como você superar seu medo de agulhas para que você pode permitir-se a ser tratados por algo que é potencialmente vida ameaçando?

Hipnose para fobia de agulhas

Este é um bom lugar para começar. É extremamente eficaz e muito mais barato. Um download de hipnose pode ser encontrado on-line para um punhado de dólares e a taxa de sucesso na superação de fobia de agulhas usando hipnose é alta. Ou você poderia visitar seu hipnoterapeuta local se você preferir. De qualquer forma, você saberá muito rápido se se trata de uma maneira que você pode conquistar pessoalmente seu medo de agulhas.

Terapia cognitiva comportamental

Este é um método mais extremo que você pode usar para vencer o medo. Trata-se de dessensibilizar você para que seu medo não envolvê-lo e você não fica quaking com a idéia de ter uma injeção.

Desviar o olhar

Brega como isso soa, é uma boa maneira de lidar com coisas especialmente se sua fobia de agulhas não é muito forte. Se a injeção é para um dentista, um tratamento de câncer ou qualquer outra coisa, Olhe para o outro lado. As chances são que você vai se sentir o frio da haste que sterilizes sua pele mais do que você vai se sentir a injeção real e há uma chance muito alta que você vai estar pedindo sua enfermeira ou médico quando o evento preocupante é devido a acontecer e vai ser dito "que fizemos-lo já."

Traga um amigo

Especialmente com pacientes de câncer, a maioria dos médicos e enfermeiros estão muito simpáticos para as necessidades dos pacientes. Gosto muito de quando você era criança, trazendo um amigo ou colega da cirurgia com você pode ser muito reconfortante. Saber que alguém está lá para cuidar de você - mesmo que sua mente racional mantém dizendo que eles estão lá apenas para visualizar - pode ser a diferença entre enfrentar a injeção tão necessária e não.

Permita-se a chorar

Chorar é um dos mecanismos de lançamento do nosso corpo. Portanto, ele pode muito bem ajuda a ter um pouco chora quando a Escritura está ocorrendo. Quer trazer seus próprios tecidos ou usar alguns que a cirurgia quase certamente terá disponíveis para apenas como a situação. Há uma boa chance de que o simples ato de chorar (voz alta ou a mesmo) vai diminuir a dor percebida de ter uma injeção.


Se o seu médico ou enfermeira permitirá que ele - e há uma boa chance de que eles vão - joga alguma coisa para si mesmo nos fones de ouvido. O ideal é algo leve e bouncy para manter sua mente centrou-se em outro lugar. Como com a idéia fora olha mais cedo, não há um melhor do que a média a possibilidade que essa técnica irá reduzir ou mesmo eliminar o medo que você usou para associar com agulhas.

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Sobrevivência de câncer pancreático classificar - se atrevem a saber suas Chances

Uma taxa de sobrevivência de câncer pancreático refere-se à percentagem de pessoas que foram relatadas ainda vivo depois de ser diagnosticado com câncer há cerca de 5 anos.

Esta doença é um dos mais mortais de todos os cânceres e outra com as mais baixas taxas de sobrevivência. De acordo com a American Cancer Society, apenas 5% dos pacientes com esta doença estão vivos cinco anos depois que o câncer é encontrado.

Nos Estados Unidos, estima-se que mais de 30.000 pessoas são diagnosticadas com esta doença cada ano. O que é surpreendente é que muitas pessoas não sabem disso e além disso, a maioria deles não é mesmo certo é o câncer do pâncreas. Outro pouco conhecido fato sobre esta doença é que mais de 60.000 casos são diagnosticados na Europa a cada ano.

O pâncreas é uma glândula atrás do estômago que tem a forma de um pouquinho como a forma de um peixe. É seis polegadas de comprimento e menos de 2 polegadas de largura. Estende-se o abdômen. O pâncreas tem duas funções. Se decompõe gorduras e proteínas nos alimentos que comemos para absorção do corpo. O pâncreas também produz hormônios para ajudar a equilibrar a quantidade de açúcar no sangue.

Enquanto o câncer de pâncreas pode afetar qualquer pessoa, a American Cancer Society identificou vários fatores de risco para esta doença:

* Quase 70 por cento dos pacientes com esta doença são mais de 55 anos.
* Homens são mais afetadas do que as mulheres.
* Negros são mais propensos a ter esta doença do que brancos.
* O risco é maior entre os fumantes.
* Pode haver uma ligação com o consumo de grandes quantidades de carne vermelha e carne de porco, especialmente carnes processadas (como salsicha e bacon).
* Pessoas muito acima do peso são 20% mais probabilidade de desenvolver esta doença.

Este tipo de câncer é uma doença fatal e taxa de sobrevivência de câncer no pâncreas é muito pobre. O câncer de pâncreas é a quarta mais comum causa de mortalidade relacionada com o câncer nos Estados Unidos. Mais de 98% dos pacientes com câncer de pâncreas morrer.

Diagnóstico deste cancro numa fase precoce é muito difícil porque os sintomas nos estágios iniciais são vagos e procedimentos diagnósticos não são muito confiáveis no diagnóstico da doença numa fase precoce. O diagnóstico é geralmente feito numa fase avançada da doença, tornando-se muito difícil de tratar. Ressecção de tumor completa também não é curativa e taxa de sobrevivência de câncer no pâncreas é apenas 1 entre 20 pessoas.

Recentes estudos e ensaios clínicos estão oferecendo resultados promissores, mas neste momento, ressecção curativa continua a ser a única esperança para melhorar a taxa de sobrevivência de câncer no pâncreas total.

Ainda há um monte de coisas para saber sobre a taxa de sobrevivência de câncer pancreático. As taxas de sobrevivência de câncer vai ser uma boa fonte para você.

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